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Chelmsford Single and Double Storey Extension

Chelmsford Single and Double Storey Extension2017-02-16T13:47:19+00:00

Project Description

After a bad start with her previous builder, this client contacted us regarding her project. The footings had been completed and the brickwork was at window sill level. The builder had not returned and the client was desperate to resume the work which involved building a rear single storey and side double storey extension which would create an extended kitchen space downstairs and an extra bedroom and bathroom upstairs. It can often be difficult to take over work that another builder has started and many builders wouldn’t do it. After studying the architectural drawings and liaising with the local authority building control, work commenced and progressed well. Work started at the beginning of August and was completed by the beginning of October. After the initial bad experience with her previous builder, Grant Builders left the client with the assurance that not all builders are cowboys!

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