If you’ve ever watched DIY SOS – The Big Build, the TV show where a team of pro builders, and Nick Knowles…sorry Nick if you’re reading, transform a house in nine days flat, you will appreciate the value of expert builders.

Need work doing on your Chelmsford home? Here are 10 reasons why you should hire a professional Chelmsford builder.

The #1 reason for hiring a professional Chelmsford builder is that it’s…SAFER

Many novice builders have attempted major construction work on their homes in a bid to keep costs down. However, plenty of DIY builders have found out the hard way that it’s better to leave it to the experts when it comes to home renovations.

It’s better to part with your cash and see the job done right first time as opposed to paying out twice to have your handy work fixed.

#2 – Liability insurance

It’s not uncommon to hear of novice builders that have carried out some form of home improvement work, only to land themselves in hot water because they’ve caused damage to a neighbour’s property. This has left them liable for the cost of repair, leaving them badly out of pocket.

There’s no such problem when you hire a professional builder because their insurance protects you from any liability for costs in the event of damage to neighbouring properties.

Chelmsford builder

Damage to neighbouring properties caused during a self-build will cost you dearly.

#3 – Warranty

Any work carried out by you on your Chelmsford home isn’t covered by a warranty. So, hypothetically speaking, should your roof fall off or your self-build extension collapses, you will find yourself forking out for a professional Chelmsford builder anyway to come and undo your own handy work.

Better to call the experts in the first place and save yourself a few grand.

#4 – Prevent disputes with your spouse or significant other

It happens, potential building work can cause conflict with the other half. Your ideas might clash or you have different expectations concerning the budget. A pro builder can put a stop to all that by explaining what can and can’t be done when it comes to your project.

#5 – Realising the vision

A professional Chelmsford builder will help to paint a picture of your building plans, spotting things that homeowners can’t always see. They will pull every part of your building project together – from ideas to design, from materials to plans, from construction to completion, an expert builder is your ally and will ensure your vision for your home becomes a reality.

Professional Chelmsford Builder

A professional Chelmsford builder will talk through your plans and manage expectations.

#6 – Save time

Armed with the experience and the know-how to transform your home, a professional builder can complete projects in a matter of days or weeks that would otherwise take you longer. They will listen, make valid suggestions and execute your plans to perfection to ensure that your project is finished within a reasonable timeframe.

#7 – Technical ‘nous’

Bona fide builders understand construction inside-out, they’re aware of the potential problems that could arise and how to overcome them, which means you can avoid having to watch a series of YouTube videos to work out how to get from A to B with your building project!

#8 – Top class teamwork

Behind every great Chelmsford builder is a solid network of labourers, subcontractors and suppliers. A builder with a strong team behind them is an indicator that you’ve got a professional outfit ready to build for you.

#9 – Cost effective

Professional builders will have a more accurate idea of how much your project will cost. Plus, they can source materials at a cheaper rate than you, saving you money in the long-term. Equally, you won’t lose out on your income by having to take days off work to complete a home renovation project.

#10 – Project management

Avoid having to juggle work and other commitments. An expert Chelmsford builder will manage your project to ensure that work runs as smoothly as possible, relieving you of the stress that comes with overseeing a build.

There you have it… 10 reasons why hiring an experienced Essex builder is the best way to ensure that your project is completed with the minimum of stress and upheaval.

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