Can’t find your dream home on the housing market? Why not build your own? All it takes is for you to hire the right Chelmsford builder to construct your house from scratch. Here are 8 benefits of opting for a new build home in Chelmsford.

The decision to build your own home in Chelmsford is a big one, but there are so many benefits when opting to hire a Chelmsford builder to construct your dream house from scratch. Here are 8 benefits of hiring Grant Builders to make your new build home in Chelmsford a reality:

1. Enjoy a worry-free 12-month guarantee on all our work

Generally, we provide a 12-month guarantee covering any work carried out. However, this is subject to terms and conditions, the best thing to do is contact us for more details.

2. Get the house you want

Buying a home will always involve compromise. Houses lived in prior to you will never tick all the boxes. What you like, your partner might not like and vice-versa. Hiring Grant Builders to build your new Chelmsford home from scratch means you and your partner can get the house you each envisioned.

3. Live healthier and safer

You won’t have to worry about asbestos, lead paint, wood rot, damp and any other potential problems associated with buying a home. Your new house will be built using brand new materials that comply with modern day building regulations.

4. Save money on your energy bills

New build homes benefit from better insulation techniques, while the latest window designs and appliances can also be fitted by Grant Builders to keep energy costs down.

5. Everything’s new

New wiring, new plumbing, guttering, roof tiles, floors and much more means you won’t have to worry about repairs anytime soon. Buying a home that has got some years behind it could require some maintenance.

New Build Home in Chelmsford

New carpets and stairway as part of a Grant Builders new build project.

6. No DIY

Hiring Grant Builders to construct your new build home in Chelmsford means the hard work is taken care of. In the immediate future you won’t have to do any painting or put up any shelves, you can simply move in and enjoy.

7. Maximise your resale value

Having your dream home built in a highly sought after area of Chelmsford will do wonders for its resale value. Close proximity to transport links, excellent schools and public amenities will make selling your home easier if you ever decide to move on or downsize.

8. Reap a return on your investment

Research into the UK housing market suggests that new build homes appreciate in value more than older properties. The potential to reap a substantial return on your investment makes a new build home in Chelmsford all the more appealing.

Hire Grant Builders for your new build home in Chelmsford, today

New Build House Chelmsford

Everything down to the last detail is determined by you when building your own home.

While a new build home in Chelmsford could take longer than buying a property, seeing your house built to your exact specification is worth the wait. Everything down to the very last detail will be determined by you.

Plus, seeing your dream home being built is an exciting experience and we’re here to see your dream home, granted.

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