An extension to your Chelmsford home is a cost-effective way to create more space, a financially viable option for homeowners who can’t afford to move. To ensure your Chelmsford house extension project is completed right first time, here are 10 top tips to keep everything on track.

 10. Get the necessary building approvals

You may be required to seek Planning Permission depending on the size, shape and scale of your Chelmsford house extension. With that in mind, you will need to approach Chelmsford’s local authority planning department. Their website provides plenty of guidance on extending your home and you will find that most extension projects require Planning Permission.

If you would like to do any further research in to Planning Permission, the Planning Portal is a great resource available to homeowners. Here you can find out about the planning process and the relevant documents, plus you can apply for planning permission directly from the site.

Chelmsford House Extension

The Planning Portal is a useful resource for homeowners who need planning permission.

However, should your extension not require Planning Permission it must have Building Regulations Approval, which is in place to ensure that construction standards across the UK are adhered to. Building inspectors will visit your Chelmsford house extension at regular intervals to inspect building work to ensure regulations are met and the work is of a good standard.

9. Speak to your neighbours

If your home extension hinges on Planning Permission, your relationship with your neighbours will be key. Historically, the majority of building work applied for by homeowners is met with resistant from neighbours and it’s not always because they object to the plans. Therefore, make them aware of what you plan to do and hopefully this will result in very few or no objections.

8. Set a budget and stick to it

Sticking to a budget is often the biggest pitfall for homeowners. It’s not uncommon to overspend on even the smallest building project. However, it’s good practice to set a budget of £1,000 – £2,000 per square metre with an additional 10 – 20 per cent on top of that as a contingency fund.

Remember, not only will you have to pay builders’ fees, you will need to set aside funds for local authority fees and planning applications too.

Chelmsford House Extension

Your Chelmsford House Extension should ‘fit’ its intended use.

7. Why do you want an extension?

Every homeowner starts out thinking they know the answer to this question. However, as a house extension starts to take shape, many homeowners change their minds on initial plans. This is especially true of layout. Therefore, be sure that the space you’re creating fits the intended use, whether it’s an additional bedroom, a bigger dining room or an office.

6. Think about the setting and your location

Key to any Chelmsford house extension is the final look from the outside. There are strict guidelines on how house extensions should look, particularly if they’re visible from the front. The best extensions are those that blend in with their surroundings, but there is room for those that are in contrast yet still complement the environment they’re in.

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