Following on from the first five tips in part one, Grant Builders provides the remaining five best practices for your Chelmsford House Extension.

5. Research various materials

The materials you use for your extension are what bring the final structure to life. Therefore, be sure to select the materials you want to form the focal point of your house extension, whether it’s slate roof tiles or exposed timbers.

4. Use your imagination

Don’t just consider a side or rear extension. If you have a basement, why not head downwards? The great thing about basement extensions is that the majority don’t require Planning Permission. One of the pros of having a basement extension is that you don’t lose any exterior space, plus it’s much closer to the primary living space than a loft extension.

Equally, in most urban areas, adding a basement extension could potentially add to the overall value of your home. Just something to bear in mind if you ever decide to sell.

Chelmsford House Extension

Consider the landscaping when having a house extension built.

3. Think about the landscaping

Creating additional space with a house extension often has ramifications for the exterior of your home. Having gone to all the trouble of having a brand new extension, leaving the garden space looking like a building site won’t do it justice. Therefore, landscaping is crucial to the overall look of your Chelmsford house extension, once it’s completed.

2. Remember the finishing touches

While a builder considers an extension project ‘finished’, you spot several things missing. However, were they included in the initial quote? You’d be surprised how many sinks end up without taps because of homeowners thinking that items were included in the project brief when in fact, they weren’t. Make sure you have a full inventory of what you expect from your home extension.

1. Hire the right builder

You can action all the other points perfectly, but it’s all for nothing if you don’t hire the right builder. It’s best to hire a builder who has experience of building house extensions in Chelmsford. Why? You can speak to other Chelmsford homeowners for whom the builder is currently working for. This gives you a more accurate reflection of their work

Equally, a builder with an extensive portfolio of Chelmsford house extension projects under their belt shows that they’re reliable and experienced. Hiring a Chelmsford builder who is approachable and communicates well, will ensure that you’re project is completed without a hitch.

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