kitchenIn part one, we calculated rough costs associated with house extensions in Chelmsford. In part two, we take a look at the cost of incorporating a kitchen into your extension.

Doing the sums for a kitchen extension is complicated. Why? It all depends on your style and taste. Obviously, a high spec kitchen extension with all the mod cons will cost you more, but as a general rule it’s recommended that you set aside £10,000 – this is for a mid/low range kitchen.

House extensions in Chelmsford and the cost of a kitchen

 We have a couple for tips for you, which will assist in making your kitchen extension flow:

Visiting a local kitchen company to discuss options and view products is the best way to work out what you would like and visualise the end result. There are numerous options which can impact upon the cost of your kitchen such as:

  • The material used for units – ranging from chipboard (cheapest) and MDF to solid wood (the most expensive option).
  • The finish – painted, lacquered or sprayed (being the most expensive option).
  • Units with handles or handle-less options (handle-less being more expensive as there is more involved in the manufacturing process).
  • Worktop options – cheapest being laminate, through to solid wood options and lastly quartz and granite being most expensive.
  • Appliances – there are a variety of appliances available, ranging from low to mid-range items up to higher range such as NEFF and AEG.

What is important to you, may not be important to someone else but discussing these options with an experienced kitchen specialist can make all the difference to getting the kitchen that you LOVE.

Using a local kitchen supplier is a good idea as there are often missing or unneeded items once your fitter gets started. Being able to quickly return to the supplier to swap items saves time and hassle and inevitably money!

At Grant Builders, we provide a kitchen fitting service in association with the kitchen supplier of your choice. We often recommend Benchmarx in Chelmsford to customers as they are local and specifically supply kitchens.

Hire a Chelmsford builder for your kitchen extension.

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