Making internal or external changes to your Chelmsford home? Having a loft conversion or a double storey extension? Here’s how to apply for planning permission in Chelmsford to avoid breaching local authority regulations…

You’d be amazed how many homeowners make internal or external changes to their homes without realising that they need planning permission. With that in mind, here’s how to apply for planning permission in Chelmsford if you’re about to carry out any major renovations on your home.

The Planning Portal – your gateway to planning permission in Chelmsford 

Applications for planning permission in Chelmsford are dealt with by the City Council. However, the council’s website will direct you to the planning portal to apply for the necessary approval.

First things first, it’s worth confirming whether you need planning permission for your project. To find out, click ‘Do You Need Planning Permission?’ [fig.1].

Planning Permission in Chelmsford


You will be directed to a page containing a number of guides that will provide information relating to planning permission needed for:

Chances are you will need planning permission for any of the home renovations listed above. To get started with your application, you will need to register an account. To do this, click ‘Register’ on the planning portal homepage [fig.2].

Planning Permission in Chelmsford


You will be invited to fill out some personal details and provide a password [fig.3]. Make sure you input a password that’s secure – using a combination of letters, numbers and punctuation – but also memorable as you will need this to login and check the progress of your application.

Apply for Planning Permission in Chelmsford


Once you have registered an account, you will have access to all of the planning portal’s features and you will be able to make an application for planning permission. Click ‘Start or View your Applications’ on the homepage [fig.4].

Planning permission in Chelmsford


To submit an application, click on ‘Start a Planning Application’ [fig.5]. There’s also a section to make a building control application, but to access this you will need to register a separate building control account, even though you’ve registered a planning permission account. However, to avoid confusion, we’ll stick to the planning permission process.

Permission in Chelmsford


When you click ‘Start a Planning Application’, you will be invited to complete three simple steps and then ‘voila’, your application will be submitted for processing…

Step 1 – Give your application a name – i.e. two storey rear extension – and provide your address [fig 6]

Chelmsford Planning Permission


Step 2 – Select your application type from the drop down menu. Chances are you will want ‘Full Planning Permission’ [fig.7].

Planning Permission


Step 3 – Confirm whether your application is for a minor or major development [fig.8] and then review the details of your application and click ‘Next’ [fig.9]. That’s it, your planning permission application is complete.

Planning Permission Chelmsford


Planning Permission in Chelmsford


How long will it take for a decision on a planning permission application?

It’s recommended that you allow a minimum of eight weeks for an outcome on your Chelmsford planning application. It could be more, it could be less – it all depends on the scale of your project.

The great thing about the planning portal is that once you have registered an account and made an application, you can track progress. Simply login in with the email address and password you used to register the account to get an update.

How much does a planning application cost?

Application fees vary depending on the type of planning permission you require. However, the planning portal provides a fee calculator to determine an approximate cost for your application, based on the information that you provide [fig.10]. Simply follow the onscreen instructions for an estimated fee for your application.

Planning Permission


Got Planning Permission in Chelmsford?

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