Renovating your home is a messy, noisy business. If you’re left with no alternative but to stay put during building work, our ‘surviving the builders’ toolkit will hopefully help you to maintain some degree of normality amid the chaos. In part one, we offer some practical tips for minimising mess… 

Moving out for the duration of a building project is not always practical. It should come as no surprise then that many homeowners are forced to endure living on a building site until work is completed. You’re not alone and we’ve had plenty of experience working at full throttle while family life happens around us.

With that in mind, we’ve picked up a few things over the years that will help you to put up with our presence. We appreciate that the experience won’t always be pleasant and your patience will be tested, but we will do our very best to minimise disruption.

#1 – Do a daily clean up

Sounds like the worst possible idea if you’ve been at work all day or looking after the kids. It might seem completely pointless too in the grand scheme of things. However, getting into the habit of clearing the worst of the debris away on a daily basis will help in the long run.

Leaving debris to linger will result in the spread of dirt and dust throughout the house. It might be worth getting your hands on a vacuum that can collect up small bits of rubble. 

Grant Builders would not expect you to clean up in the areas where we are working, we take responsibility for keeping the workspace tidy. However, the movement of dust and debris is inevitable.

#2 – Keep doors shut and windows open

Keeping internal doors shut prevents the spread of dust and dirt as people move around the house. As an additional measure, you can tape doors shut that your builder does not need to access. Leaving windows open, when practical, keeps the house ventilated and gives excessive dust somewhere to escape.

#3 – Cover your floors

Keep floors covered with dust sheets or plastic sheeting to minimise the amount of dirt getting trodden around your home. To further prevent dust filtering through door cracks and crevices, covering floors in other rooms, it might be worth getting zipped doorway dust protectors for added protection.

#4 – Keep on top of rubbish

Surviving the builders

If you’re having a new kitchen installed, it’s a good idea to keep on top of rubbish removal.

Bags tend to get filled with rubbish by builders, but homeowners often think these bags contain essential building materials and tend not to move them. In reality, they’re often a makeshift bin, which you don’t have to leave lying in the middle of the hallway.

Equally, if you’re having a new kitchen installed for instance, it’s likely that you will end up with a whole load of packaging from appliances and white goods. Put this out with the main trash or recycling whenever you can.

#5 – Deal with dust sheets

Your builder will often lay down dust sheets, which is a good sign. However, after a while they tend to become a dust trap. It’s worth keeping an eye on them and shaking them out every few days and giving them a wash if you get the chance.

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